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Measurement instructions

Measurements for dog collar

How do I measure my dog for a collar?

M E A S U R E M E N T   Instructions for Dog Collars
• How to measure your dog | hound before ordering one or more of my handcrafted dog collars or coats •

1) First step is to be well prepared with some necessary stuff:
• soft (sewing) measuring tape is most easy to use on your dog | hound,
• pen and paper to write down your measurements,
• some tasty & healthy treats (not for you but for you dog ;),
• and of course, now that you are ready, you can call your dog,
• all measurements must be taken with a hound in a “stack” | standing position.

dog collars

different types of dog collar closures


• PRE-MADE collars in my shop (in-stock collars):
A  is indicating the dog head circumference in cm
– this is the most important measurement for perfect fit, for this type of dog collars;
– for example, 39 cm if you look at the first-left photo below;
– this will be also the size of an open collar;

• CUSTOM | bespoke dog collar (made-to-measurements): 
A  around the head (the widest part of the head);
– in shop (if you have option) select Size closest to head A measurement;
– and to be 1000% sure 🙂 you can send me also the B measurement, of the narrowest part of the neck, behind the ears. Write me this measurement in notes, before the check-out;

The difference between open and closed collar is usually of 5-6 cm,
– for example, 33 cm if you look at the second-right photo below;

The correct size of dog or sighthound collar is, when it fits over the hound’s head smoothly, but not loosely. And when pulled, the collar will close tightly, but not chocking your dog/hound, so the escape out of a collar is out of the question ;).

For comfortable wear of the collar over hound | dog head, please open the collar at his maxiumum and turn the widest part of the collar always up, so it will fit smoothly over the head (on both sides, wearing and taking off).

BUCKLE COLLAR  |  Adjustable collar

• Ready-to-wear collars in my shop (pre-made collar):
– 1st and smaller number is indicating the 1st hole and,
– 2nd, bigger number, is indicating the last hole of the collar (always referring to neck circumference in cm);

• Custom | bespoke dog collar (made-to-measurements): 
B / smallest number : narrowest part of the neck (behind the ears)
– this will be the first hole on the collar (of total 4 or 5 holes)
– so the collar will be perfect fit for your dog / hound adult or puppy;
– and to be 1000% sure 🙂 you can send me also the C measurement of the middle of the neck.


Dog coats are made for now only by custom order
• when ordering a custom coat, please send me all measurements as indicating on picture.

MATCHING SET (this one was made on custome order)

• Below you can see just one example of my handcrafted matching set (collar with tassel and winter hound coat)