What is the purpose of dog snood?
Dog Snood is truly functional accessory for dogs with long hairy ears.
Dog Snood will protect the ears while the dog is eating her/his meal, so no food will finish and stick on long hair ears.
Also, Dog snoods are practical when walking a dog just for short poo or pee-walk, and you know that in rainy days they get dirty in a seconds.
So here are the dog snoods to save you a little cleaning time when you are back home from bad weather days.

Houndtribe Snood can also become a beautiful Dog Scarf, on those frozen winter days, they will warm up your dog neck and will also keep warm those tiny ears. Especially on short hair dogs and and sure it is, a must-be accessory for hairless dogs.

And who says that practical and functional products can not look fabulous?
Yes, we are in loved with beautiful design and high quality items, who also meets all our expectations of practicality and function. So all our products will last for years if not for a lifetime.

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