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HOUNDTRIBE |  Handmade

• Sustainable (my leather comes from overstock – samples) •

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and supporting small label & big dreams.
Vida Klenovšek | Artisan and small business owner.

(photo from left: Toniya, Ywanka and me | 2020 photo by Ivan Tavčar)

Hi, this is my story how one borzoi changed my life and my carrier upside-down 🙂 leaving my work as a photographer & graphic designer, to learn new skills and becoming an leather artisan, and also as I say that I’m a multi-tasking at Houndtribe.
In 2007, since Veruschka came to live with me, soon I started to experiment with leather and making collars. After many bad collars, slowly and finally I started to be more and more satisfied with my products.
From the start I pay a lot of attention on every tiny detail, which I can say it is really my little obsession. All collections are in limited edition and lots of my creations are one-of-a-kind product. Still today, my beloved hounds and my most kind customers all around the world, are my biggest inspiration.   Bespoke orders are very welcome!
houndtribe family

2024 • Very proud to say, that this year my brand Houndtribe, is celebrating 17 years of establishment.
Big thank you goes to all my customers for the great support and staying with me all this years. Without you this story would not be possible ! 

2019 • Internationally recognized Houndtribe brand is celebrating 12 years of establishment. We are faithful to our philosophy and high quality standard of finished products.

2016 • Since the tribe was getting bigger, our instinct was driving us to merge Petiit Pethaus under one heartbeat, under one brand. Houndtribe.

2007 • Two brands, Petiit Pethaus and Houndtribe, were created by designer and hound lover Vida Klenovšek (me:). I decided that first born, Petiit Pethaus will take the first steps. And it was a big success and changing the world of sighthound fashion collars all over the globe.

Curriculum Vitae (professional work, art work, Cinology…)

•  My past work as photographer & graphic designer, and still available for commission!

• 2024 ~ becoming an FCI Conformation student judge (for Afghan hounds, Saluki, Borzoi)
> this is the start of long journey (years) in front of me to complete all breeds from FCI X. group.

• 2023 ~ passed all exams and I’m now also FCI Lure Coursing judge
> Have had opportunity to judge LC competitions until now in countries: Austria, Croatia.

• from 2023 ~ member of Disciplinary Commission of Kinološka zveza Slovenije (KZS);

• 2022 / 23 ~ member of Coursing Commission of The Sighthound Club of Slovenija and KZS;

• 2022 / 23 ~ president of The Sighthound Club of Slovenia;

2022 ~ my first borzoi litter (1male + 3females) was born, under the prefix BELAZYMA;
– puppies ZY are out of two amazing borzoi,
( GCH Avalon Druid Dance Willowing and CH Ywanka Kalinow ); 
– Puppies pedigree | Pedigree 

2022 – 2024 ~ part time work in a very cute & friendly local Pet Shop in Izola | Miss Hope;

• 2019 ~ Solo exhibition USNJE | PELLE | LEATHER| at DRAT Gallery of Contemporary jewelry, Izola – Slovenija | sub-title: Breaking bounds / Jewerly for hounds

• 2019 ~ Group exhibition DEFINITION OF ME | at Galerija Runa, Piran – Slovenija;

• 2018 ~ FCI Lure Coursing Student/trainee for judge (after several lectures and passing the exams);

• 2016 ~ Ywanka Kalinow joined our tribe;

• 2014 – 2019 ~ part-time work at Vet-clinic (Veterinarski center Lara | Izola – Slovenija);
– receptionist, sales & orders at vet-shop | dog food & diet consultant | raw feeding consultant;

• 2012 ~ Toniya Kalinow joined our tribe; 

2011 – Registration of FCI kennel suffix “BELAZYMA” borzois;

• 2008 – Gea College Marketing & Management workshop diploma;

• from 2008 – Active member of The Sighthound club of Slovenia | KZS;

• from 2007 – Managing Houndtribe (TM): designer, handcrafter & multitasking ;

• 2007 – founder owner of Petiit Pethaus, Houndtribe, Moiyabo trade marks;

• 2007 – 2019 ~ founder and owner of a company Petnatura d.o.o. /Ltd;

• 2007 – my first borzoi puppy, Veruschka came to live with me
– and after 6 months living with her I started a new job;

• 2005 -2010 Co-Owner and Founder & Art director (Boomfoto agencija);

1994 – 2007 several solo and group exhibitions in art galleries in Slovenia and WorldWide:
– Emzin photography of the year 1994 | 4th prize;
Trabakula | group exhibition, Vida Klenovšek,
– Cankarjev Dom | solo exhibition, Beauty and/is the Beast,
– FZS – lectures about photography

• 1994 – 2007 freelance photographer, journalist, designer for several Slovenian magazines;

• 1995 – 2002 Manager Assistant at Art Gallery “Meduza – Obalne Galerije Piran”;

1994 – diploma from Photography & design “Riccardo Bauer” (Milano, Italy);
– during studies worked as photo-assistant at Luca Perazzoli Studio – Milano;

• 1990 -94 student work | my mother hair-dresser salon; during summer vacation doing sales promotion for Everet d.o.o. (Armani, Estee Lauder …);

• 1990 – between art and vet studies, I decided for art studies of Photography & design ;

• 1989 -90 au-pair in London;

• 1989 high school diploma;

• I bought my first dog, when I was 12 years old, with all my savings (as finally my parents gave me a “green light” to have my own pure-breed dog, she was an English cocker spaniel;

~ I consider myself to be in Cynology from my Elementary school. I was really into dogs very much from my early age, or I can say “as far as I know myself – from forever”.

Just to let you know one “weird” thing about me from my childhood 🙂
My school mates and friends were reading all those teenage magazines (Bravo, Antena etc …), I was just scroling them, but never bought them, as I was saving money to buy a dog. And of course, as a “dog nerd” I was subscribed at Kinolog (this was and still is a magazine published by Kinološka zveza Slovenije / Cynological Association of Slovenia).
And of course my first book that I bought was about dogs. 
So as a teenager, I was already very well prepared and conscious to Embrace my own hound with love ! 

• the best part of my childhood was week-end visits and holidays spent at my grand-parents farm (surrounded by animals and nature).


Toniya Kalinow | 3 avg 2012 ~ 14 mar 2023

Ninochka’s Veruschka | 7 feb 2007 ~ 29 jun 2019

Ninochka's Veruschka borzoi


Alvar | 4 july 2003 ~ 26 dec 2016

Luka | 1993 ~ 2003 (family cat)
Eka | 1981 ~ 1993 (my 2nd dog English Cocker spaniel)
Esta | 1981 ~ 1981 (my 1st dog English Cocker spaniel)
(Asta and Medo)