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Custom & Bespoke orders

Custom & Bespoke orders are warmly welcome.

Due to a new collections & orders waiting to be done,
please allow me aprox. 10-15 working days for making your custom or bespoke order.

I will make it as soon as I possibly can.

All creations are handmade with love and special attention to every detail, perfect fit and style.

Please note that your custom / bespoke order is confirmed only after receiving your payment.

High quality hardware material & premium leather is used for handcrafting original HOUNDTRIBE ™ products.

For any further help or questions I will be glad to help you.
You can use the  Contact form  or write me on my email vida(at)

You can also contact me on:
• cell phone * +386 40 88 16 19
• facebook * @houndtribe
• instagram *

CUSTOM ORDERS | made-to-measurements
are made by your measurements from already existing collection or you can choose from many different colors and materials that I have in stock.

Feel free to write for quotations and orders.

Prices are regularly calculated by price list (size + materials used).
No extra charges for custom work from existing collections.


If I have to buy special leather or other material only by your request,
the cost of final product will be +50% more due to extra research time
and costs of getting the special material or to driving from supplier to supplier.
As this is very time consuming and takes lots of extra hours and days to find the material of your wishes
and quality of my wishes-demands.

Hope you understand and appreciate this extra effort & work. 


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