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Siena Terracotta Sighthound collar | pull-stop closure


Siena Terracotta collection | pull-stop collar (strong made).
Perfect fit for | 37 - 38.5 cm around the head.

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Sighthound HANDMADE Collar, with pull-stop closure
• this are light-weighted and soft collars, but still very durable;
• this type of wide collar is a perfect match, from smaller to bigger sighthounds | dogs ;
• amazing combination of warm orange leather color and jacquard trim;
• perfect for shining on city promenade or for everyday stylish walks;
• ordering also a matching leather leash will make this collar even more gorgeous.

• available from SIZE S1 up to XXL2
• wide in front 5.3 cm (2 inch);
• pull-stop strap wide | 2.2 cm
• bigger collars (from M size and up) are additionally reinforced

• can be matched with a tassel, leash, poop bag holder …
• please find more HERE !

• genuine italian nappa leather;
• quality jacquard trim in brown and dark gold;
• extra leather reinforcement for strength and durability;
• pull strop strap | polypropylene webbing and leather;
• hardware | welded rings are plated in antique gold;
• machine stitching | polyester thread.

• Designed and Handmade in Slovenia | since 2007 •

• HOUNDTRIBE logo is embossed on all our leather products and tags •

• All products are stitched with an industrial sewing machines and/or by hands, to provide secure and professional stitches •

Houndtribe Leather Goods are accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity & Leather Care instructions.


Measurement Guide

A  is indicating the dog head circumference in cm;
– for perfect fit, this is the most important measurement (after the B);
A is also the maximum opening of the collar, to slip smoothly over your dog head;
– B is usually 5-6cm less than A measurement.

B and C measurements are for buckle (adjustable collars);
– indicating also minimum and maximum opening of the collar;
– or that will fit a dog neck size, from min to max circumference.

Measurements for dog collar

• before ordering, please take the correct measurements;
• for more details & visual help please visit page Measurements instructions.


Leather Care


• wipe down with some warm water and gentle soap to clean the dirt;
• do not use direct heat to dry the leather;
• when completely dry apply leather conditioner;
• applying leather conditioner every month, will help to keep the leather product looking good for many years;
• if your dog is hard playing with other dogs, consider to take off the collar (only in a safe, fenced area) to prevent chew damages on collar | tassel.

Each product is accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity & care instructions.

Custom & Bespoke Orders


• do you want to order this collar in different size or closure type ?
• for inquiry, please use the Contact form,
• or visit page Custom & Bespoke orders.

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