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Siena Terracotta Hound Collar | Half Choke | 37 cm (14.96 inch)

Siena Terracotta Hound Collar | Half Choke | 37 cm (14.96 inch)


Half choke • Martingale collar
(size is based on head circumference)

This collar is part of our CHARITY PROJECT.

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Handcrafted Sighthound Collar
• this are light-weighted and soft collars, but still very durable;
• this type of wide collar is a perfect match, from smaller to bigger sighthounds | dogs ;
• amazing combination of mustard leather color and jacquard trim;
• perfect for shining on city promenade or for everyday stylish walks;
• ordering also a matching leather leash will make this collar even more gorgeous.

SIZE | ready-to-wear
• ML2 | 37.0 cm / 14.96 inch max. opening
• collar wide | 5.0 cm / 1.97 inch
• back closure strap wide | 2.3 cm / 0.91 inch

• genuine italian nappa leather in mustard color;
• jacquard trim in terracotta & shining gold color;
• stainless-steel welded, D-rings;
• back strap lining in polypropylene webbing;
• nylon thread stitching.

• you like this collar, but in different size or closure type ?
• just write me your questions using the Contact form,
• or visit my page Custom & Bespoke orders.

• when buying pre-made Houndtribe handcrafted martingale collar (half-choke | pull-stop collar), please note that, the number | exp. S2 28cm | is indicating the head circumference and also the maximum opening of the collar;
• the correct size of the collar is, when it fits over the hound’s head smoothly, but not loosely;
• before ordering, please take the correct measure of your hound head circumference;
• for more details & help please visit my page Sizing & Measurements.

• wipe down with some warm water and gentle soap to clean the dirt;
• do not use direct heat to dry the leather;
• when completely dry apply leather conditioner;
• applying leather conditioner every month, will help to keep the leather product looking good for many years;
• if your dog is hard playing with other dogs, consider to take off the collar (only in a safe, fenced area) to prevent chew damages on collar | tassel.

Each product is accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity, serial number & production and care instructions.



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All our donations are transparent and are visible on our page.
We will publish at the end of each year, amount donated & organization who receive it. All of your donations are transparent and visible at any time of the year.

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