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Plastic Muzzle | Whippet Kingdom


Plastic Muzzle that fits male / female Whippets, for lure coursing and racing. But will also fit other breeds as well (Basenji, smaller Terrier breeds ... and similar type of dogs).


Lightweight plastic muzzle

• suitable for coursing, racing and also for training;
• will fit smaller dog breeds : whippet, basenji, terrier (jack russel, parson terrier) and similar type of dogs.

WHP  MUZZLE DETAILS (ready to wear)
• ONE SIZE FITS ALL m/f | adjustable with leather strap;
• entire basket length | 17 cm;
• available in different colors;
• weight | 42 g.

• soft plastic;
• leather straps.

• Tips | How to train your dog to the muzzle •

• start to train your dog in a domestic environment, with no hurry.

Start to wearing a muzzle only for a few seconds in a row (just up and down), each time give tasty treats and fun games. So the dog will have a nice and kind approach to the muzzle. Step by step increase the time of wearing. Soon your dog will not even notice that he/she is wearing a muzzle.

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