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EM collar | Mint & Rose Pink

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EM tick dog collar is a natural flea and tick repellent, with effective microorganisms trapped inside ceramic pipes.

SI | EM ovratnica za psa, je naravni repelent proti bolham in klopom, z aktivnimi mikroorganizmi ujetimi v keramične tubice.

Hand Braided | EM collar
• smooth and lightweight anti bug collar;
• Anti flea and tick natural repellent collar;
• great for dogs and other animals (bracelet for humans);
good looking, also as a charm collar, with no side effects;
• safe for dogs with allergies, puppies and pregnant or lactating bitches;
• safe for children in your household, safe for environment;
• in high tick season, I suggest to combine with Cvetka natural tick repellent spray.

• available for all dog sizes (from smallest to largest breed);
• adjustable with small plastic rope stopper;
• wide | 1.2 cm;
never attach a leash on this collar, plastic stopper will brake;
• some collars are pre-made, mostly are made-to-order!
• turnaround time depends (3 – 5 days).
• you can contact me for custom order by using Contact form.

+ Match this collar with EM bracelet for you and your family for bug protection (made to order).

• PPM floatable rope;
– braided, min 250kg breaking load;
– smooth and silky surface is gentle to dog neck;
– strong, flexible and lightweight rope, does not absorb water;
– OEKO-TEX® | not toxic, safe for animals and humans.

• Plastic rope stopper
– safety release stopper;
– it will open if pulled, to prevent choking.

• EM® ceramic pipes
– EM® stands for Effective Microorganisms®;
– pipes are biodegradable after use.

How and why does it work?
EM® (Effective Microorganism) ceramics emit far infrared waves, the longest rays in the light spectrum. This wave length is highly compatible with human and animal tissue. The body can absorb them easily at depths of up to 7 – 8 cm, where they can do lots of good work. Far Infrared waves remove blood cell clusters which improves blood circulation.

• Because the infrared rays penetrate the tissue, they work deep into body tissue, not just on the surface of the skin.

This improved and balanced environment in your dog (created by EM®) can help keep ticks (and other bugs) from attaching to your dog.

Many users claim that they find better dog coat condition and some nervous dogs might become more calm and balanced too.

How to take a correct measurements for your dog collar? Instructions HERE!
– if you still find yourself not confident about a measurements of your dog, please contact me and I will help you.

• Designed and Handmade in Slovenia – EU | Shipping Worldwide •

Houndtribe EM tick collars are accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity and Care instruction.


Use and Care of EM® collar

EM® collar | Tick collar, needs very little care, but this LITTLE is very important.

When you buy Houndtribe EM collar, place it on your dog neck in a comfortable way (2 fingers between collar and dog). 

Since the pipes (EM = effective microorganisms) needs to be activated and starts to function/work with an animal (or human), it is better not to remove the collar for first 4 weeks (except the cleaning) . It depends from dog to dog, when the pipes are fully activated (from 2 to 4 weeks). After that period, you can also remove the collar during the night, but most effect is obtained if used non-stop, specially in high tick season.

Only clean EM ceramic pipes works on their fullness.

When dirty, wash in warm water and dry on Sun. Do not use any chemicals or detergent.

When washing, rotate the pipes to remove the dirt (specially if your dog is a mud lover 😉 ).
EM ceramic pipes fully works if cleaned and recharged with sun energy. Therefor, after rinsed with a warm water, just leave the collar to dry on the Sun.
Do not use or drop any oils or chemicals on pipes, this might reduce the effect or even destroy the pipes.

Remove the collar before any rough play with other dogs. As this can provoke the breakage of the ceramic pipes.
Pipes can be damaged or even brake if hit on hard surface. I do braid on my collars more beads that necessary, so even if a few of them get damaged or fell of, do not worry, the collar will still do the job Tick repellent.

In general, the collar should be replaced once a year, before the tick season.

TIP No.1
In high tick season I do suggest to control your dog after every walk and avoid “tick area”. Use some additional natural spray repellents before going to a walk (spray on your dog body, legs and tail and also on your legs too!).
Combine Natural Anti Tick Spray by Cvetka.

Remove soon as possible any tick you find on your dog, be sure to control yourself too!

Did you know that if the tick is removed within 24hours, any tick disease transmissions might be lowered to almost zero?

What is EM® Technology ?

“EM is a people-friendly and environmentally safe product of EMRO (EM Research Organization) that achieves synergistic effects by combining beneficial microorganisms which exist in nature, such as lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria. It was developed by Professor Teruo Higa in 1982….”

EM can be used anywhere in the world.
EM, which treats microorganisms as aggregates, was developed long before microbiome science caught the world’ s attention and its effectiveness has been demonstrated for three decades across the globe on fields in tropical and cold temperate regions. The beneficial effects of EM is produced when the groups of microorganisms in EM・1, including lactic acid bacteria, yeast and phototrophic bacteria, activate native microorganisms in the environment and harness their intrinsic power.”

(text from Manufacturer

Houndtribe uses only EM pipes with EMRO certificate | EM Authorized Manufacturer.

“EM and Effective Microorganisms are either registered trademarks or trademarks of EM Research Organization, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.”

You can find more history and research HERE

TIP No.1 | Recycle
When you replace the collar with a new pipes, you can 100% recycle the old collar. The PPM rope and plastic stopper, goes to plastic bin. And the ceramic pipes are biodegradable, so you can place them in soil or compost.


Measurement Guide

is the measure you have to order for EM collar;
– this will be also the min closure.
• A measure is the max opening of the collar.

EM collar are adjustable with rope stopper. Note that the collar will be made to your measure (neck size) and it will open enough to slip smooth over your dog head (between min and max opening is aprox. 10 cm difference).

Measurements for dog collar

• before ordering, please take the correct measurements;
• for more details & visual help please visit page Measurements instructions.

Closed collar | your selected size in cm.


Collar opened at maximum | between min and max opening is aprox. 10 cm, enough space to slip over dog head.

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