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Chiengora Borzoi | Cappuccino Beanie


Chiengora Borzoi Beanie. Unique, hand knitted hat from handspun dog wool. Best fit for a head size from 55 - 60 cm.

SI | Beanie, izredno topla, ročno pletena kapica iz pasje dlake za zelo hladne zimske dni.

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Hand knitted Unisex Beanie

• Hand Knitted Chiengora Beanie | Limited edition;
• I love to knit since I was a teenager and this relaxing hobby still persist;
• So I decided to offer you some products that will keep you warm and cozy on those winter dog walks, but will go super nice for everyday outdoor activities too.
• Since dog hair is up to 80% warmer than wool, be sure that chiengora garment will keep you super warm. And it is luxuriously soft too!

CHIENGORA BEANIE  | ready-to-ship
•  M | 55 – 60cm (perfect fit for head circumference);
• this beanie will fit any of you just perfectly;

+ Other sizes are made-to-order, please contact me for further info  (turnaround time is 5 – 10 working days).
+ Happy to knit for you !

S  |  50 – 55 cm
M | 55 – 60 cm
L  | 60 – 65 cm

• 100% Chiengora Borzoi;
• collected from borzoi undercoat;
• handspun and hand knitted.

• Luxury of Handcrafted Art | Made in Slovenia – EU •

Houndtribe Goods are accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity and Care instructions.


What is Chiengora?

Chiengora (fr. chien = dog + angora) is a fiber / yarn made from dog hair (under coat). The fiber per se is not elastic like a wool, the most known characteristic is fluffiness and the fact that is 80% warmer than other wools.

Dog hair is collected when dogs are shedding (molting), on a late spring and less fall. Than it is time for expert hands to make a yarn. The process is time consuming (cleaning, sorting, washing, hand spinning …), almost 7 hours of work for 10 dkg of double yarn. All made by hand.

The quality of Chiengora depends also of many factors, from dog breed, health of the dog, how we took care of his/her coat and also what we feed our dogs. Most know breeds for producing Chiengora, are Nordic dog breeds with a thick undercoat.

Chiengora is very well tolerated also from people whom might be allergic to dogs. Why? First, because the hair is carefully washed, so any dog dandruff is cleaned away. And second, most of dog allergies are provoked by dog saliva and not the dog hair.

Does Chiengora smells like a dog?
NO, because the hair is carefully washed with a gentle shampoo and a drop of natural essence is added to a final wash (100% lavender oil).

Discover a brief of history of spinning a dog hair.
It is an ancient art, used by natives in pre-historic Scandinavia and native Americans – Navajo people – in North America.
One domestic dog breed, Salish Wool Dog (now extinct), was bred for wool, by Salish people in the North-West region of the USA. The dogs were white, with long hair, a Spitz type of dog and noted for a thick fur. Dogs were sheared like a sheep in late spring.

In modern times, the dog wool is made only from our pets hair, collected once or twice a year, when the dog is shedding. If you would shave your dog, the wool would not be so soft to the skin!

Chiengora – upcycled dog hair – is the most sustainable wool that we can find or produce in our planet. It is: zero waist, recyclable, eco friendly, animal friendly and  zero carbon footprint.

In short, it is a yarn of the future.

Houndtribe Chiengora is made in Slovenia, from collecting my own dog hair (for now) and knitting the garments.

If you have any further questions about Chiengora or would like me to knit something from your dog hair, please write me using the contact form HERE.

Product Care


• I suggest hand wash in warm water, max 30 degrees;
• use gentle detergent for wool or even a drop of dog shampoo will do a perfect job, since it is super gentle;
• dry horizontally on a towel, do not twist or pull;
• I usually just wrap in a towel and then leave outside in shadow to dry;
• no ironing needed;
• do not bleach or use any aggressive soap;
• if you will take a good care, wool knitted item will last for years if not decades!

TIP : wash if really dirty, or refresh the garment by leaving in a fresh air for a couple of hours.

Each product is accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity & care instructions.

Custom & Bespoke Orders


• do you want to order this product in different size ?
• for inquiry, please use the Contact form,
• or visit page Custom & Bespoke orders.

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