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Celtic Knot | pull-stop dog collar | 29.5 cm


Pull-stop dog collar

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CELTIC KNOT Collection

Comfortable and very soft collar, looks beautiful with simple Celtic knot motive.
Quality jacquard trim is beautifully woven in two colors, light gold and black.

COLLAR DETAILS and SIZE | ready-to-wear
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• S2 | max opening 29.5 cm;
• min closure 24 cm;
• wide in front 4.2 cm;
• pull-stop strap wide | 1.5 cm;
• this collar will perfectly fit all hounds with head circumference from 27.5~29.5 cm.

• genuine italian nappa leather;
• quality jacquard trim in black and light gold;
• leather reinforcement for strength and durability;
• hardware | chrome plated | welded rings in silver color;
• stitching | nylon thread.

• Designed and Handmade in Slovenia •

• HOUNDTRIBE logo is embossed on all our leather products and tags •

Houndtribe Leather Goods are accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity & Leather Care instructions.

Measurement Guide


• PRE-MADE collars in my shop (in-stock collars):
– A  is indicating the dog head circumference in cm
– this is the most important measurement for perfect fit, for this type of dog collars;
– this will be also the size of an open collar.

Measurements for dog collar


• before ordering, please take the correct measurements;
• for more details & visual help please visit page Measurements instructions.

Leather Care


• wipe down with some warm water and gentle soap to clean the dirt;
• do not use direct heat to dry the leather;
• when completely dry apply leather conditioner;
• applying leather conditioner every month, will help to keep the leather product looking good for many years;
• if your dog is hard playing with other dogs, consider to take off the collar (only in a safe, fenced area) to prevent chew damages on collar | tassel.

Each product is accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity & care instructions.

Custom & Bespoke Orders


• do you want to order this collar in different size or closure type ?
• for inquiry, please use the Contact form,
• or visit page Custom & Bespoke orders.

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