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Truly functional accessory for dogs with long hairy ears.

Dog Snood will protect the ears while the dog is eating her/his meal, so no food will finish and stick on long hair ears. Also, are practical when walking a dog just for short poo or pee-walk, and you know that in rainy days they get dirty in a seconds. Houndtribe Snood can also become a beautiful Dog Scarf, on those frozen winter days, they will warm up your dog’s neck and will also keep warm in those tiny ears. 







Our story started in 2007 with making a collar for Veruschka. Since then I never stopped creating dog accessories. I’m always looking forward to create new ones.






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Vida Klenovšek  | founder, designer, handcrafter





  • Prodotti di alta qualità, belli ed eleganti; gentilezza, puntualità! Grazie!
    Paola N. | Italia
  • High quality collars, made with love - the best!
    Maja Č. | Croatia
  • Zanesljivost povodcev in ovratnic, njihova mehkoba, kvaliteta in okrasje za hrtovske vratove. To lahko napisem z lahkoto, saj uporabljam povodce in ovratnice te blagovne znamke ze skoraj 10 let. Imam whippetko in Azawakha.
    Petra D. | Slovenija
  • The collars Vida makes are super high quality and really beautiful. She takes time for every piece she makes and for the collar I ordered, she even ordered the leather samples from Italy because she did not want to make a decision based on picture. I say this is commitment to quality and good work!
    Urška Š. | Slovenija
  • Prodotti di ottima qualità, lavorati magnificamente e durevoli nel tempo.... ho un collare preso nel 2008, usato tantissimo e ancora perfetto. Vida una persona gentilissima e molto disponibile. Elena B. | Italia
  • Bought two collar for my Galgo Espanol. The collars arrived quickly and are Just amazingly beautiful! Contact with vendor Was very pleasant as well! Christine M. | Germany
  • Let me commend the local dog equipment designer. She made a collar for my boy 14 years ago. After 14 years the collar is as good as new and a wonderful reminder of our fashionable walks. He was a supermodel with a great collar.
    Snežka K. | Slovenija
  • Apart from the lovely, personal, suitable design just made for My dogs, I love to hold the leather leash in my hand when on a walk! I am astonished by the difference in feeling between an ordinary and a high quality leather leash. I also appreciate the professional advice in the ordering/designing process. Kia S. | Slovenija  
  • I was admiring Houndtribe collars for a long time and when mine finally arrived I was so so happy. The quality is outstanding and the collar looks wonderful. Vida’s eye for the fine details is unreal. The collar also fits Laavin perfectly and he looks even more stunning wearing it. Thank you Houndtribe for our favorite collar yet.
    Asja & Laavin | Slovenija
  • I was dreaming about a matching set for my girls for a long time and from the moment I saw these samples I knew they were just what I wanted. The quality is absolutely outstanding and they fit them perfectly. Couldn't be happier! Thank you Vida for super service.
    Lana H. (Ava Parsa Salukis) | Slovenija




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