For me was an honor and privilege to have this antique trim in my hands. Thank you Barbara Matul for entrusting me the creations of all Aki’s collars, but specially this one, and thank you also for all beautiful photos.

“Aki’s very special collar – the story: The jacquard trim of this collar is well over 100 years old. About fifty years ago, it was found in a box in the attic of a townhouse in Ljubljana that had housed a haberdashery at the beginning of the 20th century. The shop closed before the second world war, but the boxes they had put in the attic stayed there, forgotten, until they were discovered by my father, a film art director scouting for locations, during the 1960s. He brought this one box home, and in the box the trims remained, growing more precious to all of us as years went on because we knew no one could make them like these anymore. That is, until now – when my mother and I decided we would let one of them shine in the light of day again, so to speak. I knew Vida could make it into something beautiful, into something that I could watch all the time. And she did. Thank you, Vida. ”
Text by Barbara Matul.